Artist & Designer:

Sopi Su

“The Imperfections”


  “I see myself like an artist rather than a designer.
I do not focus on trying to create things to surprise people or to create things to please you. Inspirations come to me all the time, and they come from my experiences in life.
Making art is my way to express myself.
Each piece of my art represents a part of me.
My art is I.
I do not lack words, I just don’t speak them through my mouth.”

The Imperfections is a unique fashion piece designed by artist Sopi Su. The Taiwan-born and New York-based artist was inspired to create this piece after reading a book by the Japanese author Sei Shonagon. Shonagon wrote down her observations of life during the 11th century in The Pillow Book.

Su followed the author’s lead, creating this project based on her own personal observations of the modern day imperfections of life. She set a variety of words and sentences onto cardstock paper and then laser-cut the typography into strips of meaningful phrases. She draped the collection of life’s imperfections across a dress form, structured to mimic a fashion piece.